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Noted. Aromas Men’s perfumes are an affordable way to smell just like your favourite high end designer brand. We make each Eau De Parfum in the UK, and only use the same high end ingredients that the designer brands use. Our ‘Inspired By’ fragrances are all made with a minimum strength of 20% which is why they are classed as Eau De Parfum and not aftershaves which technically only have around 5%. Why spend hundreds of pounds on your favourite aftershave, when you can get a 'dupe' aftershave for a fraction of the price. We name each fragrance after a city that it resembles or has a connection with, although this can be hard at times. Our fragrance that was inspired by Aventus is suitably named Rome, and Lisbon is inspired by the very popular Sauvage. We have a wide variety of Men’s dupe perfumes on offer, including more niche scents like Viking that we call Oslo, and Silver Mountain Water which is named Aspen. Because of the strength of our fragrances, they will typically last a minimum of five hours, but they should last much longer on average.