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Noted. Aroma’s Women’s perfumes let you smell like your favourite designer fragrances, without breaking the bank. Many people refer to our perfumes as ‘dupes’ because they smell similar to iconic perfumes. We only use the same high quality raw ingredients to make our ‘inspired by’ perfumes, which is why they resemble them so much. Everything is made and bottled in house in the United Kingdom, meaning we have full control over the whole process, and know exactly what is going into our products. All perfumes are both vegan friendly and cruelty free. We have named our perfumes after popular cities, that usually have a connection with the perfume they were inspired by. Our perfume inspired by La Vie Est Belle is named after the beautiful French town of St Tropez, and our Alien dupe is named after Honolulu, due to the volcanoes that look like they are from another planet.