Yes to amazing fragrances. No to crazy prices.

NOTED (adj.) - well known; famous.

Our Mission

At Noted. Aromas we made it our mission to make high quality fragrances, that were accessible to everyone. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we focused on making fragrances that people already loved, but that they would now be able to afford. Without compromising on the high quality ingredients used to make them.

High Quality Ingredients

All of our perfumes conform to E.U. cosmetic safety recommendations. Unlike most cheaper perfumes, ours are all made and bottled in the United Kingdom, using only the finest ingredients. We have a small experienced team of perfumers, who have spent years making fragrances.

How is this possible?

We don't spend large amounts of money on fancy bottles, celebrity tv adverts, or any other expensive marketing. We rely on word of mouth from our loyal customers. This helps us reduce the cost to you by an enormous amount.