What is Eau De Parfum? 

There are many different strengths of fragrances, and ours are Eau De Parfum which are regarded as one of the strongest. When we make our fragrances, they have at minimum concentration of 20%, this strength is what makes them Eau De Parfum. This higher percentage of fragrance is what makes the perfume smell and last longer when you use it.


Eau De Cologne only contains 2-4% oil concentration, meaning the smell is not as strong, and will typically only last a maximum of 1-2 hours.


Eau De Toilette is next, and is one of the most popular. This contains anywhere from 5-15% concentration, and can last anywhere from 1-4 hours typically. By having a much weaker concentration, companies are able to make their products for a lot less money.


Then comes our Eau De Parfums at 20%. They should last anywhere from 3 hours onwards, depending on the fragrance, your skin type, and other factors.


What makes up the other 80%? 

This is a great question. Our fragrances contain numerous other ingredients, many of which are trade secrets. They do however contain a low amount of alcohol and water, which is something we can reveal.


Aren’t Parfums Only for Women?  

This is another common misconception. Many people instantly think Perfumes are for women, and Colognes are for men, so assume Parfum falls under the women’s category. As explained above, these names simply just refer to the strength of the concentration, and have nothing to do with who typically wears them. We sometimes will even refer to our Eau De Parfum as men’s colognes, just to help them understand it is intended for male use.


Yes to amazing fragrances. No to crazy prices.

NOTED (adj.) - well known; famous.

Our Mission

At Noted. Aromas we made it our mission to make high quality fragrances, that were accessible to everyone. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we focused on making fragrances that people already loved, but that they would now be able to afford. Without compromising on the high quality ingredients used to make them.

High Quality Ingredients

All of our perfumes conform to E.U. cosmetic safety recommendations. Unlike most cheaper perfumes, ours are all made and bottled in the United Kingdom, using only the finest ingredients. We have a small experienced team of perfumers, who have spent years making fragrances.

How is this possible?

We don't spend large amounts of money on fancy bottles, celebrity tv adverts, or any other expensive marketing. We rely on word of mouth from our loyal customers. This helps us reduce the cost to you by an enormous amount.